Power Cables with XLPE Insulation for 6-35 kV Voltage

Power cables with XLPE insulation are designed for transmission and distribution of electric power in fixed units, for 6-35 kV AC voltage with 50 Hz frequency for A,B and C category networks with insulated neutral as per IEC 60183 (1984) international standard. Cables comply with IEC 60502-2 international standard and Russian GOST55025-2012 as for the design, technical and performance characteristics. Cables are available for temperature & boreal climates, 1 and 2 environmental class as per GOST 15150-69 and for frigid climate.

When installing and operating cables with XLPE insulation it is recommended to follow the typical instructions for this type of cable product. Comparison of cables with impregnated paper insulation and cables with XLPE insulation.

Comparison of Cables with Impregnated Paper Insulation and Cables with XLPE Insulation

The main advantages of XLPE cables over cables with impregnated paper insulation are:
• • high cable performance due to the increase in the permissible conductor temperature (permissible load currents are 15-30% higher than for cables with impregnated paper insulation depending on laying conditions);
• high short-circuit current;
• smaller weight, diameter and bending radius that provides for easy cable laying both in cable structures and in soil on difficult routes. Vertical laying of the cable line is possible;
• possibility to lay cable at a temperature of -35°C without preheating due to the use of polymeric materials for insulation and sheathing;
• low specific damageability (the practical use of a cable with XLPE insulation demonstrates that it is at least by 1-2 orders lower than that of a cable with impregnated paper insulation);
• absence of any liquid components that reduces the time and cost of laying and installation;
• single-phase design allowing to manufacture a cable with a conductor section of up to 100 mm² that is optimal for high-power transmission;
• long construction lengths - up to 3000 m.

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