Power Cables with Ethylene-Propylene Rubber Insulation for 1 kV Voltage

Cables with ethylene-propylene rubber insulation are primarily utilized in explosion hazardous areas of all categories as well as in distribution networks on industrial and infrastructure facilities.

Ethylene-propylene rubber insulation ensures the cable uninterrupted performance at a conductor operating temperature of 90C with peak values of up to 130C and satisfies the current-carrying capacity high values while maintaining a good safety factor. In addition, the ethylene-propylene rubber insulation provides short-circuit resistance at a temperature of up to 250C.

A cable with the ethylene-propylene rubber insulation is the right solution to the issue of electric power distribution in 1 kV networks and average 6-35 kV voltage. Cables with the ethylene-propylene rubber insulation are available both for zones with temperature & boreal climates as per GOST 15150-69 and for frigid climate with operating temperatures of up to -60.

K9PBB()-LS (K9RVVng (A) - LS)

K9PBB()-LS (K9RVEVng (A) - LS)

K9PBB()-LS (K9RVSBVng (A) -LS)

K9PBB()-LS (K9RVSKVng (A) -LS)




K9P()-HF (K9RVPMng (A) -HF)

K9P()-HF (K9RVEPMng (A) -HF)

K9P()-HF (K9RVSBPMng (A) -HF)

K9P()-HF (K9RVSKPMng (A) -HF)




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