Power Cables with XLPE Insulation for 6-35 kV Voltage

• К9СПвПнг(А)-НР

- halogen-free flame-retardant cables

• K9CnBriHr(A)-FRHF

- fire-resistant halogen-free flame-retardant cables

The wide application of these cables began in the mid-1980s and became obligatory in Europe and the USA when operating in high-risk areas, in important public buildings. At present, more and more attention is paid to cabling and wiring products in Russia that reduce hazardous factors during fires and maintain their performance for a long time when exposed to an open flame.

Пожаробезопасные кабели

To assess the fire safety of cables and wires in the world practice, including Russia, IEC 60332 standard has introduced a criterion characterizing the flame-retarding ability of cable products. Flame retardance means the ability of a cable to extinguish itself automatically for a certain time after ignition due to the use of non-flammable materials. This criterion is evaluated by the length of the burned cable piece after its arson and is used both for single (IEC 60332-1/60332-2) and bunched (IEC 60332-3) cable laying.

Single laying:
-a single cable or a number of cables the distance over the air in the clear from which to the nearest cable exceeds 300 mm.
Bunched laying:
- a number of cables with the distance over the air in the clear between them not exceeding 300 mm.

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