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  • Application:
    For bunched laying (considering the volume of combustible materials) of cable lines in cable structures of external (open) electrical installations (cable bridges, walkways) if there is no danger of mechanical damage and if there are additional requirements of electromagnetic immunity.

  • Structure:
    1. Copper or aluminum, round or sector-shaped, single-wire or multi-wire compacted conductor. Number of conductors is 1 to 5.
    2. XLPE insulation.
    3. Inner PVC sheath or lapping with polymer tapes.
    4. Wire or tape shield.
    5. Low-combustible PVC protection hose.
    Sheath color - black
    *- single-core cables armored with steel galvanized wires are designed to operate in DC networks.

  • Marking on outer sheath:
    RF (Russian Federation), Uglichcable, cable type, section of main conductors and rated voltage, kV, GOST 31996, year of cable manufacture. Application of dimensional marks is possible upon request.

  • Standards
    GOST 31996-2012
    GOST IEC 60502-1
    GOST 31565-2012
    GOST IEC 60332-3-23(B)