Mediastrip® Power Cables with Ethylene-Propylene Rubber Insulation for 6-35 kV Voltage

Medium voltage networks are the key element in the power distribution system. Their functionality and reliability directly depend on the cable and fittings quality. Due to the extensive experience in the field of manufacture of cables and fittings for medium voltage distribution networks Uglichcable has created cables with ethylene-propylene rubber insulation.

Cables with ethylene-propylene rubber insulation, MEDIASTRIP® trademark, are primarily utilized in explosion hazardous areas of all categories as well as in 3-35 kV distribution networks on industrial and infrastructure facilities.

Ethylene-propylene rubber insulation ensures the cable uninterrupted performance at a conductor operating temperature of 90°C with peak values of up to 130°C and satisfies the current-carrying capacity high values while maintaining a good safety factor.

In addition, the ethylene-propylene rubber insulation provides short-circuit resistance at a temperature of up to 250°C.

A cable with the ethylene-propylene rubber insulation is the right solution to the issue of electric power distribution in medium-voltage systems.

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