• Description
    Multicore cable, with copper current-carrying conductors, with PVC insulation, filled with an extruded inner sheath and with an outer PVC sheath is intended for transmission and distribution of electrical power in fixed units for a rated alternating voltage of up to and including 0.66 kV with a rated frequency of 50 Hz.

    NYM-O is a cable with no green & yellow earth conductor.

    Only NYM-O cable has the two-conductor design.

  • Structure
    Copper single-wire 1 class and multi-wire compacted 2 class conductors (1-5 conductors with 16-35 mm² cross section). PVC insulation. Filled with uncured rubber mixture. PVC outer sheath.

  • Performance
    High operating ambient temperature +50°C
    Low operating ambient temperature -30°С
    Minimum laying temperature without heating -15°С
    Minimum installation bend radius 7,5xD
    Cable conductor continuous heating temperature +70°С
    Rated voltage 0,66 кВ

  • Standards
    TU 3521-001-58727764-2008 (DIN VDE 0250-204)

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