Power Cables with Polyvinylchloride Compound (PVC) Insulation for 1 kV Voltage

Cables with polyvinylchloride compound (PVC) insulation are utilized for laying both single and bunched cable lines in cable structures as well as in distribution networks on industrial and infrastructure facilities.

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PVC insulation ensures the cable uninterrupted performance at a conductor operating temperature of 70C with peak values of up to 90C and satisfies the current-carrying capacity high values. PVC insulation provides short-circuit resistance at a temperature of up to 160C (with section exceeding 300 mm2 140 º).

A cable PVC insulation is the traditional solution to the issue of electric power distribution in networks of up to 1 kV where high fire safety requirements are not necessary. Cables with PVC insulation are available for zones with temperature & boreal climates as per GOST 15150-69.

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