Nexans Climate Day: results of a general public survey on climate change

Paris, September 23, 2020 On the occasion of its first Climate Day ( dedicated to the planet's call for sustainable electrification and which took place this Tuesday, September 22 at the GoodPlanet foundation in Paris, Nexans presented the results of a survey on the French, the British and the Americans facing climate change. This survey was carried out by BVA in France, Researchscape in the United States and Savanta in the United Kingdom.

The following main lessons emerge:
  • Despite the health crisis, the French still consider global warming a priority. The English and the Americans are more nuanced.
  • The French favor renewable energies. The same is true of the Americans and the British who are even more favorable to it.
  • The transition to electric cars shares the French who underestimate the number of charging stations available on the national territory. This discrepancy between the perception and the reality of the number of charging stations available partly explains the level of refusal to switch to the electric car. More Americans and Britons say they want to switch to an electric vehicle and they also underestimate the number of charging stations available in their territory.
  • Despite an ever-growing awareness of the environmental problem, a majority of French people today do not say they are ready to reduce their disposable income to fight against global warming. Despite everything, a third of them envisage such a very moderate drop in their income. Americans and British are more inclined to a financial effort in the form of donations in this perspective.

Christopher Guérin, CEO of Nexans said in this regard: “Through the organization of this Climate Day, Nexans is asserting itself not only as an actor but also a thought leader of the energy transition for a sustainable electrification of the world. This electrification raises a number of challenges and paradoxes that must be overcome. And it will only happen with the direct involvement of the populations concerned. These surveys provide a better understanding of the level of information and disinformation in public opinion as well as their level of acceptability of these lifestyle changes."

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