Yaroslavl Universities Will Be Able to Train Personnel for Uglichcable

Yaroslavl universities will educate students for further employment with Uglichcable. Such agreement has been reached by the Regional Government, educational institutions and the Uglich plant. It will be arranged in two universities, i.e. Yaroslavl Technical University and Rybinsk Aviation University.

It was announced today by the Governor Dmitry Mironov during his visit to the enterprise. The visit was organized within the framework of the Head of the Region working trip to Uglich district.

- The plant has a strong need for qualified personnel, - said the Director of the enterprise Vadim Kulikov.

- Currently, we already have an agreement with two Yaroslavl universities on intentional education of students under the contractual training, - replied Dmitry Mironov. - The enterprise specifies the required directions. In this case, as far as I know, specialties in the fields of electric and heat power engineering, chemical technology are in demand. Students will be able to take their pre-graduation internship at Uglichcable.

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